American Heart Month – 2019

February is American Heart Month – 2019

The heart is such a powerful organ that powers your body and affects every part! American Heart Month is to create awareness for heart disease and good health. This month kicked off February 1st with National Wear Red Day (which I sadly missed). My goals will be to eat more roasted fish, a variety of nuts, and take a small intentional walk everyday. In this cold weather, there’s a great excuse to cozy up on the couch (in addition to still going for a walk) with my blankets, candles, and hot green tea! Relax, it’s winter time! Here’s some ways to be heart healthy and your heart will be happy.(1)

  1. Eat more good fats: omega-3 fats (salmon, tuna, sardines), avocados (monounsaturated fat and potassium), vegetable oils, walnuts, nuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds
  2. Whole grains (more fiber!): brown rice, quinoa, barley, farro, oats
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables – without added sugars
  4. Leafy greens
  5. A variety of beans
  6. Tofu
  7. Antioxidants: berries, dark chocolate, tomatoes, olive oil
  8. Uses more seasoning spices instead of salt
  9. Soothing green tea
  10. Consult the American Heart Association
  11. Move: Walk at least 20 minutes everyday(1,2)

To encourage and improve your health, try creating a food diary, reading fitness and health journals, and easy healthy cookbooks. These can be created or found digitally or have physical books. I like something I can hold and see in my house which helps me remember to keep track. You could even have something small to keep in the car or fit in a purse.(1)

Fun Facts About the Heart(3)

  1. Average heart size is the size of a fist in an adult
  2. Heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood every day
  3. Electrical system controls the rhythm of the heart
  4. Heart weighs less than 1 pound
  5. Woman’s heart beats slightly faster than a man’s heart
  6. Beating sound of your heart is caused by the valves of the heart opening and closing
  7. Laughing is good for your heart; it reduces stress and gives a boost to your immune system

Check out more Heart-Healthy recipes at

And Grocery List at Healthfinder’s Heart Healthy Foods Shopping List


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