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Hi All!

Check out Nutrition Thyme RD’s Personal Chef Services!!

I have worked to transform and transition this blog into my very own business – Nutrition Thyme RD (RD ~ Recipe Developer). I have created my Personal Chef business based in the Greater Seattle area with my focus being on whole foods and nutrition based meals for everyday by providing weekly meals and private dining party services! The blog was and still has a food, health, and nutrition path, but then I spring boarded off and continued by offering personal chef services. I thoroughly enjoy and love the health and nutrition world which is incorporated into my cooking.

This has been an incredible(ly) fun challenge; I have learned so much about what I want for myself and how to even create a business! I really wanted to blend my culinary degree and nutrition degree to make eating in (instead of going out) a healthy lifestyle choice! Each person and situation is so individualized; it’s fascinating and I love all the nitty gritty details (and grocery shopping haha). I want to bring fresh, homemade ingredients and produce into your home in a creative way. There is still (fun) work ahead as the food and nutrition world is ever-changing.

Check out my Services and Menus. I offer personalized Weekly Meals and Private Dining Parties! I provide you with delicious and healthy personalized meals to simply enjoy! This will free up your time to do the activities you truly love. Together we will personalize meals for your specific food preferences, allergies, and special diets.

My goal is to keep menus up-to-date with the various seasons and holidays. I want to help you take advantage of the fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables available each season.

Check out my new website and the new exciting offerings – here are some highlights:

The blog will continue with new menus, new recipes, food and nutrition tips, and more farmer’s market trip explorations!

Future projects I’ll be working on are creating new content categories loaded with fun info; having a monthly food & nutrition newsletter to send out about all things food, nutrition, and health; and host more dinner parties to photograph and share!

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