Summer Solstice

Welcome Summer and Solstice (last week) – I really wanted to celebrate summer solstice last week, July 21st but ran out of time. My ideas were to host a small summer dinner, take a walk, maybe a water balloon fight – all to celebrate the warmth and beginning of summer.

Summer Solstice - Nutrition Thyme RD

What are your favorite summer activities?

On my bucket list

Exercise in the mornings

Take more walks after work

Go wine / brewery tasting



Find an awesome camping site in Washington State (maybe Oregon) for a weekend

BBQ (still need to buy propane…)

Sip on a cold drink outside, on a cute patio

Take some day trips, exploring

Find a lake to jump in and wade around

There are several “holidays” this summer I’m excited to celebrate and a great excuse to make food you may not normally eat. Last Sunday, June 23rd was National Hydration Day which I missed on posting about. It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially if you live in HOT HOT weather. I honestly find water boring but force myself to drink it because water = health! Going off on a little tangent, a few ways I “spice up” water are to add low sugar flavorings or mix-ins. Otherwise I’ll drink sparkling water or iced tea. So far my FAVORITE water enhancer is Wyler’s Light ( Lemonade – sometimes Pink Lemonade and Peach Iced Tea.

As I sit on the back patio, looking out into the backyard, it’s a reminder that I love summer so much! There is a peacefulness and energy about it, especially sitting out in the mornings. On the weekends, one of my favorite things to do (after sleeping in of course) is drink coffee on the patio and read my food magazines! I then end the day with an icy beverage and relax.

Summer Solstice - Nutrition Thyme RD


What are your favorite summer activities? I’d love to hear!

Summer Solstice - Nutrition Thyme RD

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