Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays – we now have Christmas and New Year’s, Halloween and Thanksgiving are already gone! One of my favorite days in December is Christmas Eve. I love creating a separate dinner menu, get cozy by the fire (or in my case the Netflix fireplace), and being with loved ones. I also usually have to prep for Christmas Day dinner on the Eve. This year due to Covid we are having small gatherings but that just means more special time spent with friends and family. Besides Christmas Eve, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!

Favorite Holiday To-Do’s:

  • See who is hosting the holiDAY this year
  • Writing holiday menus
  • Drinking eggnog and holiday cocktails
  • Staying hydrated….I have a hard time drinking water (boring!), so mix it up
  • Creating new beverages (with/without alcohol) with sparkling flavored water, club soda, light juices, etc
  • Setting up and decorating the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments
  • Decorating the house and buying new decorations
  • Baking treats with a healthy twist *I use a lot of whole wheat pastry flour, Greek yogurt, and buttermilk
  • Healthy snacks such as mixed nuts, veggie based, Greek yogurt dips, hard boiled eggs
  • Listening to holiday music and turning on holiday movies nonstop
  • Taking evening walks around the neighborhood looking at all the decorations
  • My yearly tradition of watching ALL the Lord of the Rings movies – extended edition
  • Gathering with friends and family to celebrate and eat

How do you celebrate and spend the holidays? I’d love to know any special yearly traditions!

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