Tip of the Week: Trash Day

The topic all about cleaning out your kitchen weekly….fun topic I know right!  But this is SO satisfying and refreshing to clean a little bit every week….I’ll explain

This is specifically on Trash day or the night before

Throw out all trash from the house and kitchen (yes, you probably already do this weekly), but then go further into your fridge, freezer, and pantry – throw out all the old food, such as OLD leftovers.  It’s not worth it getting sick!

This may sound boring, daunting, and ewwww but if you keep up on it every week, it will become easy peasy and your fridge will look less cluttered!

Plus, the holidays are coming up and you probably need extra room in your fridge and freezer.  Instead of jam packing the space full, the weekend before big holidays (and before grocery shopping) go through everything to see what you already have and make space for those amazing holiday foods!


  • Find items you can use for dinner, quick lunches, create unique snacks
  • Create a “fancy” breakfast casserole with leftover bread, eggs, cheese, and vegetables – the ones that look almost dead
  • Or make a big 1-pot meal (my favorite thing to do)
  • Find food hidden away in the deep dark crevices of the pantry
  • Use up old food and condiments
  • Keep the fridge and pantry organized
  • Stay organized for the holidays
  • Create your grocery list and see what’s missing
  • Give your kids a task and “chore” every week

One response to “Tip of the Week: Trash Day”

  1. These are all great ideas, thank you! It seems daunting at first to gut the kitchen, but I see how it can get easier later on.


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