How to Use Holiday Muffin Liners

Have you ever thought about using the paper muffin liners for more than muffins or cupcakes?  Now you can!  Use the festive holiday liners for serving and portioning snack foods.  Plus this keeps people’s hands out of the ENTIRE bowl of snacks, keeps everything cleanlier during Covid times.  All the snacks items can be pre-portioned, guests can walk around with the paper cups, and choose their own snacks.

Holiday Appetizer & Snack Table:

  1. Chocolate chips or treats (1 Tbsp)
  2. Popcorn (typically 4-5 cups, but try ½ cup for the liners)
  3. Mixed nuts (3 Tbsp or 1 oz)
  4. Sweet n’ savory spiced nuts (3 Tbsp or 1 oz)
  5. Dried fruit and apricots (¼ cup)
  6. Fresh whole berries (typically 1 cup, but try ¼ cup for the liners)
  7. Whole grain crackers (serving varies per brand, 6-8 crackers)
  8. Mini pretzels (1 oz or 20 mini)
  9. Spicy roasted chickpeas (¼ cup)
  10. Muffins (1 each)
  11. Healthy small cookies (1 each)


  • Pre-portioned 
  • Easier to serve for guests
  • Paper liners to throw away
  • Cleaner and more sanitary than a large bowl
  • Portable and guests can walk around with snacks
  • Display a variety of snacks
  • Festive for the holidays


Live Well Sioux Falls Healthy Holiday Guide 

Greatist Healthy Portable Fridge Free Snacks

Photo Credit:

Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

2 responses to “How to Use Holiday Muffin Liners”

  1. Thanks for the ideas and healthy snacks options!


  2. This is awesome, such clever ideas!


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