Helpful Holiday Eating Pt. 1

How do you want to feel going into the new year?  What habits do you want to form or remove from daily life?  When making changes, start small, set a few realistic goals.  These can be eating smaller portion sizes, experimenting with Meatless Mondays, or adding one (1) vegetable to each meal…..and yes breakfast also.  The goal is to stick with your changes long term and make adjustments as needed.

Don’t skip breakfast, even have a small breakfast; this sets your body and mind up for the day.  Skipping can create more of a hunger later on in the day which you may overeat, also slows your metabolism down.

Drink fewer sweetened beverages such as sodas, iced tea, juice, etc.  An option is to mix these beverages with water or sparkling water to cut some of the sugar.  Sweetened beverages can lead to diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, insulin resistance, and cavities.

Cook more meals at home versus eating out, reducing eating out at restaurants will reduce the intake of fat, salt, and sugar.  This is where I come in (a personal chef) and cook whole meals in your home, all homemade and personalized to your specific needs.  Along with this, healthy grocery shopping for good quality, whole ingredients.

Healthy pantry essentials – dry and refrigerator storage:

  • Low sodium stock/broth
  • Whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa)
  • Beans/legumes
  • Canned fish
  • Tomato products
  • Oats / Flours
  • Nuts / Seeds
  • Variety of oils
  • Vinegars
  • Light soy sauce
  • Nut butters
  • Plain or Greek yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Fresh and dried herbs
  • Variety of mixed greens
  • Fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables

Aim to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day – that may seem like a lot or impossible but let’s break this down.  You can use frozen ingredients or ones that are pre-cut; but ideas are:

    • Casserole or Quiche with chopped veggies
    • Vegetable & Egg Hash (such as broccoli and bell peppers); try sweet potatoes
    • Scrambled Eggs with spinach and mushrooms
    • Vegetable & Cheese Omelet
    • Tomato & Spinach Eggs Benedict drizzled lightly with hollandaise sauce
    • Smoothie with leafy greens (such as spinach or kale)
    • Piece of fruit on the side
    • Entree salad with variety of veggies and protein such as chicken, eggs, or fish; served with a vinaigrette dressing (low in sugar)
    • Hearty Soup loaded with vegetables
    • Alter Sandwiches by using a veggie wrap – a large lettuce leaf or butter lettuce.  I would stay away from flour tortilla wraps because they are high in sodium.  Can also use a large portobello mushroom cap as sandwich bread.
    • Tuna Salad either eat by itself, as a sandwich, or in a lettuce wrap – add veggies such as red onion, celery, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley
    • Veggie Noodles or Spaghetti Squash – Zoodles with pesto or marinara sauce
    • Utilize Cauliflower pizza crust – whether it’s homemade or store bought, spread with pesto or marinara sauce with more veggies on top
    • A lean protein with sautéed greens, roasted or steamed veggies (broccoli or cauliflower)
    • One Pot Meals with everything included (protein, veggies, starch)
    • Casseroles made with a variety of veggies
    • Zucchini Lasagna with strips of zucchini and spinach
    • Hearty Soup loaded with vegetables
    • Vegetable and Meat Stir Fry using cauliflower rice instead of regular rice – you can buy cauliflower rice (fresh or frozen section) or cook homemade
    • Grilled Vegetable Kebabs with lean meats or firm tofu
    • Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • DESSERT – All must reduce the amount of sugar
    • Piece of fruit
    • Baked apple slices with cinnamon and spices or applesauce
    • Carrot Cake Muffins/Cupcakes
    • Grated Zucchini Brownies
    • Zucchini Banana Bread
    • Chocolate Zucchini Bread
    • Creamy Avocado or Tofu Chocolate Pudding
    • Apple (or any piece of fruit) and nut butter
    • Celery sticks with PB or hummus
    • Cold veggies such as baby carrots, sliced cucumber, sliced zucchini
    • Creamy Dips such as green goddess dip, hummus, yogurt dip
    • Smoothie with leafy greens and fruit
    • Bowl of strawberries
    • Banana


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Photo Credit:

Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash

Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

One response to “Helpful Holiday Eating Pt. 1”

  1. These are awesome tips! Something I definitely need to work on is eating more vegetables…such as breakfast…


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