Welcome to 2021

Meet Chef Courtney

Hello I’m Courtney, not just a Chef but also a Nutritionist!

I established and built Nutrition Thyme RD in 2019
Healthy, personalized, and delicious meals for the week and special occasions

I love lists and bullet points so…..

  • Enjoys helping people find their individual healthy food path and journey
  • A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of the Culinary Arts in Sacramento 2011
  • Seattle Pacific University – B.S. Food and Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics 2016
  • A Nutritionist with experience working in the healthcare field
  • Finds joy in educating individuals
  • Loves creating specialized menus just for you, very personalized
  • Recipe tests every week
  • Volunteers at Sun Produce Co-op writing recipes
  • Born and raised in Sacramento → moved to Walla Walla → then was a Seattleite → now in Phoenix
  • I SUPER ENJOY baking and creating healthier versions of favorites
  • Exploring various areas to discover new eateries and cuisines
  • Going on outdoor adventures
  • In June, we got a puppy – baby Leela
  • In October, I got married!  A total Covid wedding, my husband and I had a beautiful backyard wedding at sunset (postponed from March 2020)

Love brunch on the weekends

Enjoy taking walks, yoga, kickboxing, tennis, racquetball

I collect cookbooks, new & old

The refrigerator = “the icebox”

I love chemistry (O Chem)



farmer’s markets

learning languages

going for walks

cooking / baking

reading at bakeries

watching reality TV (Vanderpump Rules)

reading in the mornings, cuddling with my dog

lighting candles

hosting and entertaining people

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