Favorite Kitchen Tool – Food Scale

My favorite kitchen tool is a digital food scale, no question!  

Why is this my best tool?? 

The simple answer = creates less dishes to clean up  

Good reason right?  The second reason is my recipes stay consistent every time I make them; I can count on them to be accurate!  Ingredients weigh all different amounts, all the time (such as flour and applesauce have a different weight) – so weighing helps with creating the same results EVERY time.  You will then be able to place a bowl on the scale and add in all your ingredients to one place.  One bowl wonders!

I created a worksheet for myself outlining all the ingredients I use in OUNCES (OZ).  I test and measure ingredients that I’m working with, using measuring cups and teaspoons and scooping and weighing on my kitchen scale.   I record these specific amounts of the ingredients into my document.  This is how I’ve created my recipes and been consistent.  Every few months I go through my list and weigh ingredients, just to double check accuracy!

When creating dishes, use a plate or bowl to showcase ingredients in a beautiful way.  Salads are a great example – set a bowl on the scale, add each ingredient carefully (create sections/patterns for each ingredient), especially if you are portioning each one.  You may do this for the Keto or Low-Carb diet where you are limiting carbohydrates (vegetables and beans have some carbs in them).  Once you’ve created your beautiful dish or salad, either bon appetit or store in the fridge.  Then you can show off your “fancy” skills!


  1. Accuracy
  2. Consistent measurements
  3. Helps with portion sizes and showing you the TRUE portion size
  4. Inspires healthy eating habits
  5. Encourages mindfulness when adding food and eating
  6. Creates less dishes and keeps your kitchen tidy **my favorite
  7. Takes up only a small amount of space and can be stored in a drawer or cupboard

One response to “Favorite Kitchen Tool – Food Scale”

  1. I’ve never thought of using a scale for this. I love that there’s less dishes to clean up! Score


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