How to test ground meat seasonings and flavors?

I love cooking with ground meat because flavors absorb well and it’s easier to deal with (at least for me).  Less fussy than whole protein like chicken or beef.  Plus ground meat can take many different shapes and forms – have fun!  

An easy tip – 

Get help when seasoning ground meat or trying a new recipe to be baked raw in the oven.  Once meat is seasoned, pinch off a small portion such as a tablespoon and cook in a pan.  We can’t eat raw meat, your body won’t thank you!  The next best thing is to taste test to check if the seasonings are good.  Especially check the salt level to see if your meat has enough flavor.  Salt also brings out the flavor of other ingredients.  Then you can cook the full product in the oven with no worries!

Meal Ideas: meatloaf, meatballs, burgers, casseroles, etc

Protein Ideas: ground beef, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken, plant based protein

*Always cook ground meats to 160℉, except for chicken and turkey to 165℉ 

Photo Credit

Photo by Angele J from Pexels

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

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