One Pot Dishes or Casseroles

Some of my favorite dishes to make are one pot wonders and casseroles.  Every ingredient is in one spot – protein, starch, vegetable.  You could still make a side dish or large salad, but every component of a meal is in one pot!  One of the best parts is there’s only one dish to clean up!  Aside from the cutting board, knife, and utensils.  Plus these dishes make for great leftovers and to take for quick lunches.  Be sure to pack a lot of flavors, herbs, spices, protein, fat, and carbs into the dishes to keep you full and going!  One pot dishes and meals are so homey and warm, making you feel good while still loading up on healthy ingredients.  


Big pot of soup

Pot roast with potatoes, root vegetables, beef broth, red wine

Chicken and rice pilaf

Zucchini, egg, and cheese breakfast bake

Cauliflower and/or broccoli macaroni and cheese

Sheet pan roasted dinner – salmon, asparagus, potatoes

French chicken bake with potatoes and tomatoes

Lentil, sweet potato, and chickpea stew

Quinoa veggie garbanzo bean salad with lemon dressing

Chicken pot pie

Photo Credit:

Photo by Tim Douglas from Pexels

sheri silver on Unsplash

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