Banana Split Day

A banana split dessert is such a great nostalgic experience!  Happy National Banana Split Day – August 25th.  As great as the traditional ice cream and whipped cream topped dessert is, we can make a healthier version.  

Try the banana split with → 

1 banana SPLIT lengthwise +

Plain yogurt or Greek yogurt + 

Fresh or frozen fruit + 

Drizzle honey or agave + 

Topped with nuts and cherries

This turns into a protein packed dessert, snack, or breakfast!  Also allows for less added sugar to be consumed with fresh (or frozen) ingredients.  Other benefits include antioxidants from the nuts and probiotics from the yogurt.  

You could also try using frozen yogurt instead of regular ice cream.  This has less fat and more protein, but does have a similar amount of added sugar.  I referenced Umpqua ice cream brand.  

Photo Credit:

Photo by Eiliv Aceron from Pexels 

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels 

One response to “Banana Split Day”

  1. Looks so fun! I still love ice cream so I should try this with frozen yogurt and the fresh fruit.

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