Meet The Owner


Let us meet Courtney Fuller, CDM, CFPP, owner of “Nutrition Thyme RD” that offers personal chef services in the Greater Phoenix Area. Established in 2019, the company provides personalized meals with food preferences, special diets, allergies and simplified cooking. Great food, but in a healthy way! Also reduces salt, sugar, fat without losing flavor and uses very economical techniques.

During her undergraduate career, she learned about nutrition and cooking. Then later on in life, attended culinary school and learned chef techniques to create healthy meals. Now as Courtney continues growing her personal chef business, she wants to work personally with clients to tailor custom diet plans for their healthy needs.

“Let us save your time in the kitchen with one of our excellent chefs cooking. We love creating and cooking wholesome meals to help you reach your goals! Free consultations are available to discuss how we can work together! We can’t wait to see you!”

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