Healthy Fats Day

Fats are often feared and misunderstood. They “Say No To Fats” narrative encourages consumers to avoid fats and instead steers them toward overindulging in other foods like sugar and carbohydrates. The fact is that everything, including fats, is necessary for the body in moderation.

There are innumerable sources of healthy fats. Particularly, chia seeds, fatty fish, and nuts. It also includes the foods that can be seen in the image.

This National Healthy Fats Day, we should Learn, Consume, and Explore healthy fats.

It might be difficult to stop and think about what we’re putting into our bodies when life is so chaotic. Food is fuel, and in order for us to take care of ourselves, it needs to be treated with respect. This special day, we must give importance to healthy fats. Believing that all fats are harmful leads to a very constrained environment and attitude. This day also serves as a reminder that everything in moderation is important and you should enjoy that cheese slice guilt-free.

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