Lemon Preservation

Why do preservation?

Food preservation is vital because it helps to prevent spoilage and extend the shelf life of food. This can help to reduce food waste, save money, and ensure that people have access to safe and nutritious food. Additionally, food preservation can be crucial in times of emergency or scarcity, when fresh food may not be readily available. So try this preserved lemon recipe!

Lemon preservation is advantageous since it makes lemons available to you even when they aren’t in season. Lemons become even more healthy for you when they are preserved because certain of its components, including vitamin C, are concentrated more after they are done. More so, the fermentation process infuses the lemons with probiotics that are good for the gut and aid in digestion. It also contains the “good” bacteria that will help control the “bad” bacteria in your body.

Further, preserved lemons have a distinct taste that is excellent for enhancing salads and stews. It can also be added a little to fresh pasta sauce and seafood, sprinkle on hot peppers, stir into rice, add to couscous, top arugula salads, and more.

Here’s the recipe:

8-10 pieces lemon
½ – 1 cup kosher salt
Extra fresh squeezed lemon juice, if needed

1. Put 2 tablespoons of kosher salt at the bottom of a sterilized 1-quart wide-mouthed canning jar.
2. Rinse and scrub clean the lemons. With each lemon, cut off any stems. Cut off 1/4 inch from the tip of the lemons. Cut the lemon in quarters, but keep the lemon attached at the base.
3. Gently pull open the lemons and sprinkle well with kosher salt, inside and out.
4. Put the prepared lemons into the jar, one at a time. After each one, press it down so its juices come out and rise to the top. Pack the jar with lemons, making sure that they are covered with juice.
5. Add more juice if needed to submerge the lemons and add a couple more tablespoons of kosher salt to the top.
6. Close the lid to the jar and let it sit at room temperature on the counter for a few days. Turn the jar upside down every so often. After a few days put the jar of lemons in the refrigerator for at least 3 weeks, until the rinds of the lemons soften. Turn the jar upside down occasionally while storing in the refrigerator.
7. Use the preserved lemons: To use preserved lemons in cooking, remove one from the jar and rinse it to remove the salt. Discard any seeds. Remove the pulp. Thinly slice or chop the preserved lemon rind to use in a recipe.

Preserved lemons can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

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