Let’s Have a Snack

When you’re trying to lose weight, having a healthy snack between meals can be an incredibly helpful tool.

A snack is a great way to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. In fact, a recent study from the University of California found that those who ate five or more small meals per day were less likely to gain weight than those who ate three meals a day.

That’s because eating frequently helps you feel less hungry and less tempted by unhealthy food. Plus, if you can manage to keep your blood sugar levels stable through the day, it means that you’re less likely to reach for that second slice of pizza or order a pint of ice cream when you’re really hungry.

And don’t forget: You need protein to help build muscle and keep your metabolism running smoothly. So make sure you’re getting enough protein with each snack! We can provide you with these healthy snacks that your body needs, just send a DM or email us courtney@nutritionthymerd.com!

Snacks on the photos:

-Avocado Egg Toast

-Granola Bars

-Oatmeal Cookies

-Apple, Cream Cheese, and Nuts Toast

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One response to “Let’s Have a Snack”

  1. Great tips! Healthy snacks can really help with weight loss and keeping blood sugar levels stable.


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