A Walla Walla Summer

A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD
A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD

About a month ago I took a trip back home to Walla Walla to visit family. We are big planners so the weekend was fully packed!

On the agenda starting Saturday 4:30 AM –

-Drive to Walla Walla

-Arrive just in time for breakfast with the fam at one of my favorite cafes Bacon & Eggs (Cinnamon Roll for the table, Smoked Salmon Benedict, and Coffee)

-Farmer’s Market walk

-Checked out the Museum of Un-Natural History – AMAZINGLY cool weird items!

-Relaxed at home on the back porch

-Wine tasted at Tranche

-Then at Bontzu Cellars

-Dinner at grandma Maca’s house

Sunday –

-Enjoyed coffee outside with my Dad on the back porch

-Walked the grounds of a “new upscale hotel” in the middle of nowhere (definitely farmland, a true getaway)

-A late lunch at grandma’s house outside of course, I live for the sun!

The farmer’s market was peaceful to walk around on a Saturday morning with live music. I saw the cutest flower cart (or truck). We then talked with local coffee brewers, beer brewers, and sampled fresh produce. I saw the most beautiful rainbow swiss chard and other veggies and fresh bright red currants.

A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD
A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD
A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD

Next we stopped by the Museum of Un-Natural History! They’re only open on Saturdays from 9 AM – 2 PM, free to the public and ran by an 90 year old man who has collected all these items throughout his life. The museum has a Beetlejuice feel and packed with all sorts of weird artifacts. Check out these photos!

A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD
A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD

A great way to wrap up the day – Tranche Winery was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had. You drive for awhile through vineyards to get to the winery location, surrounded by greenery. Once you’re at the building, you walk into a beautiful bright, white space. As the servers take you through the wine tasting selection, they are calm and at peace. We then sat on their gorgeous covered patio full of table, chairs, and couches – made to have people stay awhile and enjoy a great bottle of wine. I will definitely be going back with a picnic in hand and purchasing a bottle of wine to share!

A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD
A Walla Walla Summer - Nutrition Thyme RD

Summer Solstice

Hi all!

Welcome Summer and Solstice (last week) – I really wanted to celebrate summer solstice last week, July 21st but ran out of time. My ideas were to host a small summer dinner, take a walk, maybe a water balloon fight – all to celebrate the warmth and beginning of summer.

Summer Solstice - Nutrition Thyme RD
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Woodinville Winery Tour

This past weekend my outing was visiting the lovely town of Woodinville, WA with my man and a couple good friends. It’s only about a half hour drive from where I live so it’s super convenient! I feel silly I’ve lived in the Seattle area so long and haven’t visited here once. Woodinville is the wine country of Western Washington, while Walla Walla Valley takes over Eastern Washington.

Woodinville Winery Tour - Nutrition Thyme RD
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Personal Chef Services

Hi All!

Check out Nutrition Thyme RD’s Personal Chef Services!!

I have worked to transform and transition this blog into my very own business – Nutrition Thyme RD (RD ~ Recipe Developer). I have created my Personal Chef business based in the Greater Seattle area with my focus being on whole foods and nutrition based meals for everyday by providing weekly meals and private dining party services! The blog was and still has a food, health, and nutrition path, but then I spring boarded off and continued by offering personal chef services. I thoroughly enjoy and love the health and nutrition world which is incorporated into my cooking.

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In honor of National Muffin Day

Happy National Muffin Day – in honor of yesterday

February 20th, 2019

As soon as I saw that it was National Muffin Day, I was inspired to come up with a creation! Although every national (food) holiday I want to have an excuse to celebrate and create something. Muffins are little quick bread packages, already the perfect portion size, and ready to take on the go.  Yesterday I revamped my Sesame Poppy Banana Bread by using whole wheat pastry flour, added chocolate chips, and turned them into muffins.


American Heart Month – 2019

February is American Heart Month – 2019

The heart is such a powerful organ that powers your body and affects every part! American Heart Month is to create awareness for heart disease and good health. This month kicked off February 1st with National Wear Red Day (which I sadly missed). My goals will be to eat more roasted fish, a variety of nuts, and take a small intentional walk everyday. In this cold weather, there’s a great excuse to cozy up on the couch (in addition to still going for a walk) with my blankets, candles, and hot green tea! Relax, it’s winter time! Here’s some ways to be heart healthy and your heart will be happy.(1)


Sesame Poppy Banana Bread

Whole grain banana bread! Not too sweet and uniquely full of poppy seeds and sesame seeds! The more ripe the bananas are = more brown spots, the sweeter the bread will be. The excellent nutrition of poppy seeds per 1 oz include calcium, iron, protein, and fiber. Sesame seeds have a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. If you wanna get crazy, add in chopped nuts or chocolate chips (I’d opt for the chocolate chips). The bread should keep for a few days and a little longer in the refrigerator. Either eat toasty or cold, straight out of the fridge with a little butter for a great breakfast or snack!