Healthy, personalized, and delicious meals for the week and special occasions – a personal chef in your kitchen.

I cook because cooking is very personal and individualized; where you can share your journey and discover others. The act of creating something extraordinary out of nothing with a few simple ingredients.

Leftover herbs for flavored butter

Flavored butter otherwise known as Compound Butter is simply = Softened butter + herbs + black pepper + shallot + garlic + citrus zest (any flavoring you like)

Margaritas are Classic but Sugary

Happy National Margarita Day (with a recipe)!  The first margarita was created in 1938 in Mexico.  They are so versatile with the flavors, blends, and ways of drinking.  Have one on the rocks, blended like a slushie, with fruit, try a beergarita, or salted rim. 

Freeze cooking stock and broth

Do you ever have leftover stock or broth in the back of your fridge?  Don’t know what to do with it?  Now you can freeze it!  Place into ice cube trays, muffin tins (preferably silicone), or even small zip lock bags.  The silicone makes ingredients come out much easier.  Label the bags or trays so … Read More

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast can be a scramble to make, especially if you are very busy in the mornings!  I like to make breakfast ahead of time in the form of a casserole, quiche, or bowls….when I can.  Enjoy this whole grain make-ahead dish full of plant protein and fiber for a hearty breakfast and satiety.  This simple … Read More

Valentine’s Day Goodies

Let’s celebrate being with loved ones which doesn’t just include your significant other – friends and family too!  If your friends (or couple friends) are willing, host a fun dinner evening with food, games, or a movie.  I’m honestly not that into Valentine’s Day except for a yummy menu and special goodies!   Get your loved … Read More

Is Super Bowl about football or food?

Well DUH….it’s probably football, which I love watching.  I also love creating a great menu with healthy options! Super Bowl is today!  Lots of sitting on the couch, so get out for a walk, play with your animals, or dance around hooping and hollering during the football game. Besides football and all things, my mind … Read More


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