Healthy, personalized, and delicious meals for the week and special occasions – a personal chef in your kitchen.

I cook because cooking is very personal and individualized; where you can share your journey and discover others. The act of creating something extraordinary out of nothing with a few simple ingredients.

How to test ground meat seasonings and flavors?

I love cooking with ground meat because flavors absorb well and it’s easier to deal with (at least for me).  Less fussy than whole protein like chicken or beef.  Plus ground meat can take many different shapes and forms – have fun!  

Happy National Popcorn Day

Happy National Popcorn Day!  I mostly love popcorn as a snack + with wine.  As a little kid with my best friend, our tradition was to have a big bowl of popcorn studded with peanut M&M’s during movies.  

Are Salts Really That Different?

Salt is a very important cooking ingredient around the world – essential for flavoring dishes and bringing up the flavors of other ingredients..  This is made up of elements sodium and chlorine – essential for human life.  Including helping your brain and nerves send electrical impulses.1 Salt is either produced from salt mines or by … Read More

Favorite Kitchen Tool – Food Scale

My favorite kitchen tool is a digital food scale, no question!   Why is this my best tool??  The simple answer = creates less dishes to clean up  

My Super Favorite Foodie Website

Right now my favorite food website is THE KITCHN “Inspiring cooks, nourishing homes” This website has been so helpful for tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes!  A little bit about this foodie site….. From the creators of the Apartment Therapy blog have created this daily food magazine on the Web Founded in 2005 Publishes 20 … Read More

Free Flavor – Citrus Zest

What is better than free (or multi-use)?!  One of my favorite ingredients is citrus for the zest, juice, and flavor capabilities.  First the outside, the rind has so much strong, great flavor plus oils from the citrus.  The next layer is the juice of the citrus to use for drinking, adding to water, or using … Read More


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