Here you will be able to find nutrition, menus, and more to guide you in the kitchen and for a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about special diets, nutrition, and a variety of menus.

  • Memorial Day Menu

    Memorial Day Menu

    Memorial Day 2023Summer, sunny, backyard, pool, grilling, backyard games, spend time with family and friendsFresh summer food – fresh fruits, veggies, grilled proteins, cold pasta or potato salad, light fruity dessert Strawberry and Brie BitesSauteed Shrimp with Lemon Wine SauceGrilled Chicken with Chimichurri SaucePulled Pork Sandwiches with BBQ SauceColeslaw and CucumbersChipotle Pasta Salad with MozzarellaSeasonal… Read more

  • Eat the Rainbow

    Eat the Rainbow

    Choose healthy fruits and vegetables – benefits: Let us help you eat healthier through the rainbow – many varieties and combinations! Contact us now! DM or email #personalchef #nutritionist #chef #nutrition #healthy #healthymeals #weeklymeals #specialoccasion #phoenix #nutritionthymerd #mealplan #nutritiontherapy #mealprep #dietplan #healthybody #nutritiousmeals #healthyweekmenu #chefservices #rainbow #vegetables #fruit Read more

  • Summer Meals

    Summer Meals

    Hello Summer! Lots of great meal options including: ⁠ ⁠ *Cold pasta salad with veggies and protein⁠ *Fresh fruit salad⁠ *Tomato mozzarella salad⁠ *Protein and veggie boxes⁠ *Grilled marinated meats⁠ *Charcuterie for sharing⁠ *Bubbly fruit crisps and cobblers⁠ ⁠ I would love to talk with you! Book a free consultation to discover more fabulous meals;… Read more

  • Exhausted with meal prep?

    Exhausted with meal prep?

    Are you exhausted with the same old boring meal prep options? Or are you looking for a healthy meal prep service within the Greater Phoenix Area? Well, you don’t need to look further, cause Nutrition Thyme RD services got you! Our team of experts creates delicious and nutritious recipes personalized to your dietary requirements and… Read more

  • Cinco de Mayo Menu

    Cinco de Mayo Menu

    2023 / We will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with great zeal! This is a great celebration of Mexican culture, and it’s also a great opportunity to try out some new recipes. We can help you create a traditional Mexican meal at home, with family and friends! And if you need some inspiration, check out… Read more

  • Freezing Meat

    Freezing Meat

    Anyone thought that freezing meat is just for preservation only? You’re right, but it is more than that! Freezing meat is a form of preservation that doesn’t require the use of additional preservatives. Meat gets locked in coldness, while vitamins and minerals remain intact. Thus, freezing also makes the meat easier to cut and slice… Read more

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