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  • Vegan Chocolate Cake

    Vegan Chocolate Cake

    This is my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe and it’s vegan!  That means this is a super moist cake.  This cake is an all-occasion delight, the last event I made this cake for was Mother’s Day which went over swimmingly! *Vegan Frosting recipe below* Read more

  • Easter Chicks

    Easter Chicks

    Baby chicks and cupcakes are here for Easter! Here’s some furry friends to make when the Easter season rolls around. A fun springtime activity for holidays and parties to have everyone make their own (tasty) baby chick! I make these chicks typically with vanilla cupcakes and buttercream. This makes them easier to frost and pat… Read more

  • Chicken Minestrone Soup

    Chicken Minestrone Soup

    The first time I made this soup was for Christmas.  This soup is perfect for a blistery wintery day to warm up with.  The parmesan cheese adds for a nice saltiness along with the chard adding a nice earthy element to the dish.  Pair this soupe with crusty charred French bread! Read more

  • Hot Apple Pie

    Holiday rum drink – This will fill your belly with the warmth of apples, spices, and rum! Read more

  • Summertime Cold-Brew Coffee

    Summertime Cold-Brew Coffee

    A perfect cold-brew coffee for hot summer days! I usually like to double or triple the recipe so I can keep this drink in the fridge all week. This simple coffee drink you could prepare the night before and it would be ready for you in the morning! Read more

  • Lentil Tacos

    Lentil Tacos

    These tacos are perfect for vegetarians, hearty like regular taco meat! I like using corn tortillas or Mission Artisan Multi-Grain tortillas because they are lower in sodium and calories. Along with having fiber and whole grains, also being mindful of using low sodium cheeses. Adaptability wise, they are able to transform into being a vegetarian… Read more

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