Helpful Holiday Eating Pt. 1

How do you want to feel going into the new year?  What habits do you want to form or remove from daily life?  When making changes, start small, set a few realistic goals.  These can be eating smaller portion sizes, experimenting with Meatless Mondays, or adding one (1) vegetable to each meal…..and yes breakfast also.  The goal is to stick with your changes long term and make adjustments as needed.

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Healthy Holiday Substitutions

Substitute normal or unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones, you don’t even have to tell anybody.  Some people just don’t like change hahaha.  Everything in moderation – festive foods, sweets, and drinking.  Utilize lots of seasonings, garlic, and olive oil.  Plus you can swap either 100% of the ingredient or 50/50%.  It is the holidays after all, have some fun!  This topic is ever changing and can always be added to!

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American Heart Month – 2019

February is American Heart Month – 2019

The heart is such a powerful organ that powers your body and affects every part! American Heart Month is to create awareness for heart disease and good health. This month kicked off February 1st with National Wear Red Day (which I sadly missed). My goals will be to eat more roasted fish, a variety of nuts, and take a small intentional walk everyday. In this cold weather, there’s a great excuse to cozy up on the couch (in addition to still going for a walk) with my blankets, candles, and hot green tea! Relax, it’s winter time! Here’s some ways to be heart healthy and your heart will be happy.(1)

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Queen Anne Farmer’s Market

The Queen Anne neighborhood farmer’s market in Seattle is my favorite! As I walked around, there were local musicians to set the evening mood. Vibrant, colorful fruits and vegetables around, including local bakeries, tons of food trucks, wine, beer, and kombucha tasting! The “food walk” is always the best and a very inviting stroll after work!!

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Throwback Thursday Farmer

Throwback Thursday Farmer QA - Nutrition Thyme RD

Tonight is the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market in Seattle, my favorite little neighborhood and farmer’s market! A blog post is coming soon with all the colorful photos…..also on my Facebook Nutrition Thyme RD

I so wish I had the time to go every week. That was my original summer plan but now guess what….summer’s halfway over!

I love walking up and down the street of produce next to Menchie’s, then around the corner towards the city of food trucks. All the amazing smells and sounds; yes there’s even a live “concert” every Thursday as people meander! 

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