How does it work?

  • We talk over the phone – complimentary consultation (click here)
  • You fill out a food preference form
  • We connect you with a chef on our team and get started

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What is the cancellation policy?

If cancellations are not made within the amount of days specified, a cancellation fee will be applied.

  • For Weekly Meals, the cancellation must be made in advance of the scheduled day; 5 days or more. 
  • For Special Occasions, the cancellation must be made in advance of the scheduled day; 7 days or more. 
  • If Nutrition Thyme RD cancels a booking, the scheduled Chef service can be rescheduled and no cancellation fees to the Client.

How much does the weekly meals service cost?

Pricing is $55 per hour and takes approximately 3-5 hours, depending on the menu.  Estimating 4-5 servings per meal, this works out to about $11.00 – $13.75 per serving.

What payment options are accepted?

 Zelle is our payment option but others can be accommodated upon request.

How often does the Chef come to cook?

We typically come cook once per week, about 3-5 meals to stock your refrigerator. Other options include coming twice per week, once every two weeks, or however often you need.

Do I have to be home during your cooking?

Typically yes. The Chef will not be responsible for any physical keys to the home; although door codes are okay. We can discuss and work out any necessary situations.

How can I properly prepare my kitchen for cook day?

We ask that the kitchen be clean and there be space reserved in the refrigerator for the meal containers.  Usable counter space and an empty dishwasher are most efficient.  For safety purposes, please keep children and pets out of the space, just so that there are no unforeseen incidents.

Who shops for the groceries for my meals?

It’s up to you! You can buy them or we can shop at your grocery store of choice.

How long does meal prep take?

This all depends on your personalized menu, including how many meals and servings are chosen.  Generally, each menu item takes about 1 hour to prepare, depending on the complexity of the meal.

Can meals be frozen?

Oftentimes, yes, meals can be frozen!  Some are not suggested.  We can make meals that can be in the refrigerator and freezer. A general guideline for frozen meals is to remove from your freezer a day before you need it.

How do you package and store the food?

Either family style packaging or single serving.  We pack up your meals however you like with heating instructions.  We use your storage containers or we can start fresh with new ones.  Then we use dissolvable labels with the meal name and date.

Can I change meals?

Yes, you can change meals before the scheduled cook day.  Please contact your Chef with any requested changes in ample time to plan and prepare for the cook day.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, several!

  • Personalized Weekly Meals and for Special Occasions! 
  • Can include small-bites parties with tasty appetizers for happy hour, birthday dinners, bachelorette/bachelor parties, holidays, date nights, and other gatherings
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Grocery Shopping

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