Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It works in two easy steps! First, we meet for a complimentary consultation over the phone. We’ll discuss your food preferences, desired portion size, dietary needs, and most importantly what you want to be eating. We will then talk through your kitchen, ingredients, and equipment for your meal plan. Then I will create personalized meals for you! I can get creative with your meals including your favorite recipes, favorite dishes, and comfort foods. 

Second, we determine a cook day for me to come into your home. I can grocery shop or you can, taking into account how and where you grocery shop normally. Since groceries are a separate cost to the client, I’ll shop at your markets of choice. Then to the exciting part; cooking in your kitchen! Afterwards I will leave you with a happy refrigerator stocked with meals ready to pull out and enjoy. I’ll then clean up and leave heating instructions behind. 

I will shop for all necessary ingredients prior to the cook time and arrive with groceries ready to cook up a storm! I’ll leave your kitchen as I found it, only now, the fridge will be neatly arranged with everything I’ve prepared for you!

Who will be cooking for me?

I’m Courtney – I’ll be happily cooking all of your personalized and custom meals! I have culinary and nutrition experience cooking around California and Washington, and time spent working in bakeries. Creating and cooking amazing healthy food is my truest passion. Be sure to check out my About Me page. I love talking about food and nutrition all day any day!

Who needs a personal chef?

Anyone – busy families, working full time, don’t like cooking, can’t cook, medical conditions, etc! Providing yourself or your family healthy meals each day with variety can be a difficult task in today’s busy world. Eating tasty, nutritious meals and taking time to actually enjoy them is important. A personal chef is for anyone who would like to regain the time that they spend shopping, prepping, making meals, and cleaning every day of the week. Also for those who want to enjoy a home-cooked meal at the dinner table and gather with your family, loved ones, or friends. I’m here to make sure that those moments don’t get lost. Regain time, regain freedom.

Distinctive, Delicious, Affordable
Choose from Heat and Eat / Cook and Eat meals

Where do you shop?

The Chef or Client can grocery shop.  I can shop wherever you normally do your shopping. As groceries are a separate cost to the client, I’ll shop at your markets of choice and if you would like me to shop for organic ingredients.

This is great!  How much does the weekly meals service cost?

Right now my pricing runs at $55 per hour and takes approximately 3-5 hours, depending on your program. Estimating 4-5 servings per meal, this works out to about $11.00 – $13.75 per serving. 

What payment options are accepted?

Nutrition Thyme RD accepts credit/debit cards using Square or cash.

Groceries for both Weekly Meals and Special Occasion Parties are bought the day of the scheduled cook date. I will send you an invoice for the Chef’s service time, grocery costs, and receipts. I require that these costs are fully paid up to 3 days after the scheduled cook day. 

Do I have to be home during your cooking?

Typically yes. The Chef will not be responsible for any physical keys to the home; door codes are okay. We can discuss and work out any necessary situations.

How can I properly prepare my kitchen for cook day?

I ask that the kitchen be clean and there be space reserved in the refrigerator for your meals. Usable counter space and an empty dishwasher are most efficient. For safety purposes, please keep children and pets out of the space, just so that there are no unforeseen incidents. 

Can meals be frozen?

Oftentimes, yes, meals can be frozen. Some, I would not suggest. I try to make meals that can both be in the refrigerator and freezer. A general guideline for frozen meals is to remove from your freezer a day before you need it. Based on your lifestyle, I can craft meals that work for you at a frequency that makes sense.

How do you package and store the food?

Whether you prefer family style packaging or individual portions, I’ll pack up your meals however you like with instructions for reheating. We can use your containers if you have some you like or we can start fresh with new ones. I also label each container with the meal contents.

How long does meal prep take?

This all depends on your personalized menu plan which will depend on how many meals and servings are chosen. Generally, each menu item takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Times can vary depending on what meals on which we’ve agreed.

How long does the food last in the refrigerator?

The food typically lasts between 5-7 days in the refrigerator.

Can I change meals and/or meal plans?

Yes, you can change meals before the scheduled cook day.

  • Weekly Meals: The proposed menu must be agreed upon no less than 3 days before the scheduled cook day. The menu can be accepted by email.
  • Special Occasions: The proposed menu must be agreed upon no less than 14 days before the scheduled cook day. The menu can be accepted by email. 

This will make sure I have ample time to plan and prepare for the cook day. 

What is the cancellation policy?

  • You can cancel a booking for Chef services.
  • For Weekly Meals, the cancellation must be made in advance of the scheduled day; 5 days or more.  Otherwise there is a cancellation fee. 
  • For Special Occasions, the cancellation must be made in advance of the scheduled day; 7 days or more.  Otherwise there is a cancellation fee.  
  • If Nutrition Thyme RD cancels a booking, the scheduled Chef service can be rescheduled and no cancellation fees to the Client.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, several!

I offer personalized Weekly Meals and Special Occasion Parties! These can include but not limited to small-bites parties with tasty appetizers for happy hour, bachelorette/bachelor parties, date nights, book clubs, wine tastings, and other gatherings.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your question has not been answered here. I’m always happy to clarify.