Special Occasion Meals

Are you looking for a simple solution for healthy, homemade meals using fresh ingredients?
I offer simplified cooking and provide busy people with delicious and healthy dishes to be enjoyed on a special occasion.  I personalize your menu and hone in on specific food preferences, allergies, special diets, and using healthy ingredients.

How It Works!

*Meet with a complimentary consultation – discuss food preferences, nutrition, allergies, special diets
*Create an amazing personalized menu based on dietary needs, allergies, and food preferences
*Choose how many dishes and servings you would like with stellar flavors for your special event
*I’m available to grocery shop, cook freshly prepared food, stay through your event, and clean up afterwards so you can fully experience your dining party
*Enjoy beautiful, healthy food and impress your guests with one-of-a-kind in-home dining experience! 

Quick Kitchen Snapshot – 

Custom meal prep by professional chefs

Distinctive, Delicious, Affordable

Simplified cooking

Eliminate the need to shop for a wide variety of ingredients

Less time and energy spent

Trying new and exotic dishes


Reduce fat, salt, sugar without losing taste

77% of Americans preferred eating a homemade meal over going out for dinner

Date Night
Romantic Evening
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Cocktail Party
Holiday Party
Tea Party
Book Club
And More…
Contact me for pricing and more information about hiring me as your personal chef for special occasion meals.

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