Weekly Meal Prep

Weekly Meal Prep

Are you looking for a simple solution for healthy, homemade meals using fresh ingredients?

I offer simplified cooking and provide busy people with delicious and healthy meals they can enjoy throughout the week! I personalize meals and hone in on your specific food preferences, allergies, special diets, and using healthy ingredients.

2 simple solutions:

Option 1: Heat and Eat

A great solution for busy families. Fully cooked meals are ready to be reheated by you. Dinner in minutes!

Option 2 Cook and Eat:

A food lover’s dream. Let me do the work and leave you with raw or par-cooked meals, already seasoned and marinating, just waiting to be finished cooking when you get home.

How does it work?

1. Let’s meet! Tell me your food preferences, nutrition goals, allergies, or special diets

2. Choose how many meals and serving you need

3. Let me create an amazing personalized menu that you will LOVE

4. I’ll do the heavy lifting – list making, grocery shopping, cooking in YOUR kitchen, and all the cleanup

5. Ta da! Your refrigerator will be fully stocked with flavorful meals in no time.


Quick Kitchen Snapshot – 

Custom meal prep by Chef Courtney 

Distinctive, Delicious, Affordable

Heat and Eat / Cook and Eat

Simplified cooking

Eliminate the need to shop for a wide variety of ingredients

Less time and energy spent

Try new and exotic dishes


Reduce fat, salt, sugar without losing taste

77% of Americans preferred eating a homemade meal over going out for dinner

Contact me for pricing and more information about hiring me as your personal chef, for weekly meals and meal prep.

One thought on “Weekly Meal Prep

  1. Missy

    Hi! Interested in getting pricing from you. We are a family of four trying to eat only plant-based meals. What would each meal cost for four people each week? I’m interested in Monday through Saturday lunches and dinners.


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