Cook Day Charges

$60 per hour – Weekly Meals + grocery cost

$70 per hour – Special Occasions + grocery cost

  • Grocery shopping (optional – Chef shops or Client shops)
    • If the Chef grocery shops, I estimate 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Otherwise the Client can shop.
  • Arrive at Client’s house and cook
  • Estimated one (1) hour per meal cooking, this depends on the type of meal cooked, how complex and involved it is, how many food items/elements, talking or distractions while cooking, etc 
    • More number of meals, more time spent cooking in the home
    • Less meals with 1-6 servings, less time spent cooking
    • If servings are 7 or more, this could possibly add more time spent cooking
    • As an example, if cooking 4 meals, it’s going to take about 4 hours = $240.  Then I clean the kitchen afterward.
  • Initial cook day may take longer because of meeting for the first time, short kitchen tour, learning your kitchen, and discussing any further details   
  • Plus an extra 20-30 minutes to clean the kitchen and dishes allotted for

*Travel fees not included

View more pricing information and per serving cost here under FAQ: “This is great!  How much does the service cost?”