Valentine’s Day Goodies

Let’s celebrate being with loved ones which doesn’t just include your significant other – friends and family too!  If your friends (or couple friends) are willing, host a fun dinner evening with food, games, or a movie.  I’m honestly not that into Valentine’s Day except for a yummy menu and special goodies!  

Get your loved ones a twist on the traditional chocolates and flowers.  Arrange a variety of different chocolate treats to mix it up.  Add in healthy fruits like strawberries and raspberries.  Then instead of real flowers, get a beautiful bouquet of fake flowers…yes fake (my favorite)!  They last longer, never dies, you can display them whenever you want, and can create a great centerpiece.  Or a bouquet of beautiful greenery + flowers! 

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Vegan Chocolate Cake

This is my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe and it’s vegan!  That means this is a super moist cake.  This cake is an all-occasion delight, the last event I made this cake for was Mother’s Day which went over swimmingly! *Vegan Frosting recipe below*

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