Happy National Nutrition Month! Vitamin D

Series on Fat Soluble Vitamins – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which is in some foods, through sun exposure, and available as a dietary supplement.  This vitamin works with calcium and phosphorus which promotes absorption in the body.  Along with helping to reduce inflammation and work with cell growth, neuromuscular, immune function, and glucose metabolism.  Vitamin D helps bring calcium and phosphorus to our bones and teeth, regulates how much calcium stays in our blood, and protects against bone mass loss. 

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Mozzarella Quiche

I make this on the weekends and then I have a snack or meals for the week.  I’ve made this with regular milk or soymilk.  With using unsweetened soymilk, the flavor is comparable and still tasty, without the sweetness that regular soymilk can have! Another note, I love mozzarella cheese since this is what I grew up eating, plus it’s great for heart health with naturally less fat.

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