In honor of National Muffin Day

Happy National Muffin Day – in honor of yesterday

February 20th, 2019

As soon as I saw that it was National Muffin Day, I was inspired to come up with a creation! Although every national (food) holiday I want to have an excuse to celebrate and create something. Muffins are little quick bread packages, already the perfect portion size, and ready to take on the go.  Yesterday I revamped my Sesame Poppy Banana Bread by using whole wheat pastry flour, added chocolate chips, and turned them into muffins.

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American Heart Month – 2019

February is American Heart Month – 2019

The heart is such a powerful organ that powers your body and affects every part! American Heart Month is to create awareness for heart disease and good health. This month kicked off February 1st with National Wear Red Day (which I sadly missed). My goals will be to eat more roasted fish, a variety of nuts, and take a small intentional walk everyday. In this cold weather, there’s a great excuse to cozy up on the couch (in addition to still going for a walk) with my blankets, candles, and hot green tea! Relax, it’s winter time! Here’s some ways to be heart healthy and your heart will be happy.(1)

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Sesame Poppy Banana Bread

Whole grain banana bread! Not too sweet and uniquely full of poppy seeds and sesame seeds! The more ripe the bananas are = more brown spots, the sweeter the bread will be. The excellent nutrition of poppy seeds per 1 oz include calcium, iron, protein, and fiber. Sesame seeds have a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. If you wanna get crazy, add in chopped nuts or chocolate chips (I’d opt for the chocolate chips). The bread should keep for a few days and a little longer in the refrigerator. Either eat toasty or cold, straight out of the fridge with a little butter for a great breakfast or snack!

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Coconut Scones

Tropical coconut scones are perfect for mornings, midday snack times, or on-the-go! You can butter them all up you want, or choose the vegan path and use margarine. Add a toasty flavor with oven roasted coconut flakes! I like making a big batch of these scones and throwing them in the freezer for later use. 

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Southwestern Pasta Salad

Great summertime cold pasta salad full of veggies and protein. I made this for a Cinco de Mayo party and it was a great hit! Packed with tomatoes, corn, onion, cilantro, black beans, and cheese. Wonderful for any summer gathering or party! I also want to try adding crunchy, colorful bell peppers.

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Tomato Soup Cake

Tomato soup cake, weird right?!  But it’s amazing!  This is a recipe that has been in my family forever, I’m saying my Grandma made this cake when my dad was a little kid!  Yikes!  So basically a foolproof recipe and not overpowering on the tomato soup flavor when baked off (although the batter is really tasty too).  It’s also vegan as in no eggs or dairy products; I suppose it’s not vegan in the sense that a can of tomato soup you buy might have dairy in it. Maybe there is a vegan canned tomato soup. *Vegan Frosting recipe below*

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Vegan Chocolate Cake

This is my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe and it’s vegan!  That means this is a super moist cake.  This cake is an all-occasion delight, the last event I made this cake for was Mother’s Day which went over swimmingly! *Vegan Frosting recipe below*

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