Use a garbage bowl while cooking

Tip of the Week

Keep a small garbage bowl near you when cooking.  Simply choose a kitchen bowl to throw scraps, peels, and trimmings away.  You could also line the bowl with a plastic bag for easy clean up.  This will save needless trips and time going to and from the garbage can.  While chopping and cooking, there is a nice easy reach for throwing garbage away.   This is a great way to clean as you go and stay organized. 

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Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

My Super Favorite Foodie Website

Right now my favorite food website is THE KITCHN

“Inspiring cooks, nourishing homes”

This website has been so helpful for tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes!  A little bit about this foodie site…..

  • From the creators of the Apartment Therapy blog have created this daily food magazine on the Web
  • Founded in 2005
  • Publishes 20 short articles daily with the goal of informing and inspiring
  • Topics – home cooking, recipes, cooking lessons, product reviews, kitchen design, renovation advice
  • The editors suggest you start at The Kitchn’s Archive
  • Learn section – Cooking, Cleaning, Organizing, Cooking School 

What do I go to the website for?

  • Quick recipes
  • Learn a new technique or trick about food
  • Learn a kitchen tool such as an air fryer or instant pot
  • Learn about various diets under Meal Planning
  • Fun articles…a recent one is “We Tried 5 Methods for Cleaning Grease Stains Off Glass Bakeware” OR “21 Things That’ll Help You Relax More in 2021”
  • Very easy to read and understand website (without a whole bunch of junk or ads)
  • Overall so many ideas and inspiration!

Happy football NFL playoffs weekend!

Check out football crafts and recipes

More to come on this, plus more of my favorite foodie websites!!

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Photo by Mariana Medvedeva on Unsplash

Mise en place

Meaning “everything in its place” or “putting in place”

This is a way of organizing yourself and your ingredients.  I am a SUPER organized person (in the kitchen and on the computer).  I love it and would basically call it my hobby!  Before I start cooking a recipe, I like to set out all the ingredients nice and neat on my counter.  This way I don’t have to search for items while I’m cooking and I know I have all the ingredients before I start.  If you don’t have something, you know beforehand and don’t waste time.  Just run out to the store or make the dish another day.  

Mise en place also includes your measuring cups, teaspoons, or scale needed.  A great trick is to set out all your ingredients on a baking sheet or large tray, with a lip.  This way your ingredients don’t slip and slide off, particularly when trying to move ingredients around the kitchen – mise en place.    

If I find that I don’t have something in particular, then I can search for a substitution – no stress!  All very useful when I take photographs or videos of my kitchen and recipes.